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VR6 Motorcycle Announced By Horex!

Just when you thought the VR6 was dead…it reincarnates itself in a motorcycle!

That’s right; once defunct Horex has decided to make a comeback, and what a comeback it is. I feel like somebody has been reading my mind because I personally have been ranting for years about why nobody has built a VR motorcycle yet. It’s design has always called out for it, because of the mill’s ability to be big in a small package. Increasing displacement, smoothness, and efficiency without having engines become wider would finally become possible. Finally, Horex has noticed this fact and seized the opportunity; bringing back the beauty of a high revving 6 cylinder motorcycle like the Honda CBX without the extra baggage!

As if bringing the VR to a motorcycle platform isn’t enough, it will be boosted. Yep, that’s right…boosted. At an already astounding 1200CCs, it will be accompanied by a supercharger that should help this VR6 churn out ~198hp and 110 ft/lb. That power almost matches the 2.8 liter naturally aspirated 24v VR6 found in MKIV GTIs at less than half the displacement!

All I know, is that I hope one day I’m able to own one, or at least see and hear one in person. The latter of which will most likely be the only thing happening. That is, because this revolutionary bike is set to hit the streets at a premium price of around €20,000; that’s ~$24,000 USD! Save your pennies!

Expect this bike to hit the ground running within a year of this post as a 2011 model.

More photos and info on this new Horex bike can be found at: Autoblog
Image & Information Source: Autoblog

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Mogulwerks and The VRSociety

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce one of partners, and who powers and sponsors the VRSociety, and helps power this site.

Mogulwerks will be offering automotive enthusiast merchandise in the following weeks, including a new line of products to “Rep Your Ride.”
Keep it in your bookmarks, and see what sweetnees emerges in the coming weeks/months.

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Good News Everyone!

The first VRS vinyl has been born! The pre-orders will be going out in the following days and after that they will be available to order on demand! Spread the word and rep your VR like no other =D

I will be at Waterfest, H2Oi, and many other shows this summer. I would love to see these vinyls on cars all over the place, both showing love for the society, and uniting VRs all over the country, and world simultaneously.

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Human Engine

While this video has nothing to do with a VR, i thought it was just amazing and had to share it in this time frame while VRSociety being built. Not only is it amazing, but he also does a sweet aircooled impression at the end among other sounds from Subaru’s boxer engine, to weedwhackers! Hopefully you enjoy this as much as i did.


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VRSociety Vinyls

Some news for you all. Vinyls are coming the very near future, and we’ve setup a pre-order for whoever would like to get theirs first.

Orders will be processed in the order that they are received, so strike while the iron is hot!

At first the colors available will be: White, Black, Red, Yellow, Dark Green, and Dark Blue. More colors will be available in the near future!
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VR = Vee Reihenmotor = Inline-V
Ever since it’s development by VW, it has attracted enthusiasts all over the world, most notably for it’s sound (VR6), and design. Some say it’s the best sounding engine on the lower side of 100k. It’s unique design magnetically attracted others as well, intrigued almost as people were with the introduction of the rotary. Picture an inline six crankshaft that was squashed, and then the pistons spaced out into ‘banks’ while still utilizing one wide cylinder head, and that’s a VR6. VW also built a VR5, which was only released overseas, in both a 10v(2 valve) and 20v(4 valve) version. This enabled a small compact car to have more cylinders and displacement while being able to fit the engine in the same space as a conventional compact engine.
Volkswagen also created the W engine we all know today. Though there have been other designs for ‘W’ engines, Volkswagen’s is the only one in production road cars. Essentially what Volkswagen’s W engine is, is 2 VR engines joined at the crankshaft. Volkswagen has produced, and sold, a W8 (Passat), W12 (Phaeton, Bentleys, etc.) and W16 (Bugatti Veyron) all built in the same plant in Germany.
This vast production of VR/W engines has developed quite a large following, and this blog is designed to be for those people. Whether it’s for it’s reliability, tuning ability, sound, or just that you’ve marveled at it’s engineering, you’re in the right place. Anything, and Everything VR.
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